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THE 401(k)


What if you could offer your employees a retirement plan, and you didn’t have to contribute towards it?

According to a recent study, 46% of Americans are worried about running out of money during their retirement years.  Most of your employees are probably in the same boat.

This program developed by DaVinci offers employees a retirement platform that is far more flexible than a 401(k) plan, with less administration for you and ZERO compliance issues when it comes to the Department of Labor and ERISA.

This 401(k) Alternative Program charges zero fees and provides your employees with what we feel is the best financial literacy training they’re ever going to receive.

There are no employer contribution requirements, however if you want to set up a matching contribution plan, you can.  It’s totally up to you as the employer.  Some of the key plan benefits include:

* No mandatory employer contributions

* No employee participation requirements

* No top-heavy or discrimination testing limitations

* Tax deferred account growth

* Tax-free retirement income

* No early withdrawal penalties prior to age 59½

* No required minimum distributions at age 70½ 


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